Dwayne AndrewAs of , Dwayne Andrew has been a professional entertainer of over twenty years. Dwayne began his career in entertainment in 1985, working as a voice impersonator and Magician on the piers of San Francisco. Dwayne decided he needed to become a better performer and started traveling to broaden his horizons. This allowed him to hone his skills as a magician under some of the great magical performers of the twentieth century, including Dr. Ralph Marcom, Roger Klause and Jay Marshall - as well as being personally mentored by J.B. Bobo and Eugene Wilkes of the 'Eugene Wilkes Escape Show', who was also an early inspiration for Dwayne's acclaimed 'Doc Andrew's Miracle Elixir Show'.

Later, Dwayne was to tour with 'The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders' show and 'The Old West Shootout Company'. He has also toured the Midwest, presenting educational shows such as "The Mysterious Magical Suitcase, Show" and "Professor Pflugelhorn's Magical Environment". In the Spring of 2000, Dwayne began the first in a long series of successful shows for Six Flags Amusement Park as a Travelling Snake Oil Salesman. This show has since toured through Europe and the United Kingdom.

In the early nineties, Dwayne chose to expand his career in another direction by completing a residency and internship with Dr. Scott McFall. Now licensed and certified as a Therapeutic Hypnotist, Dwayne created a Stage Hypnotism Show, which he has performed for corporate clients such as State Farm Insurance, M&M/Mars, Sprint, Nvidia, and Deloitte as part of Sales Incentives, Client Appreciation and Stockholder events.

As part of his continued efforts to enrich his performance style, Dwayne has also studied Commedia Dell Arté under Maestro Antonia Fava in Italy. Later, Dwayne was to study with Avner the Eccentric of the award-winning Broadway show, "Exceptions to Gravity". The diversity of Dwayne's audience over the years is testament his wide and popular appeal as a performer. He has personally performed for two U.S. Presidents. He has given private shows for international celebrities such Kevin Bacon, Larry North, H. Ross Perot, Bill Campbell, Vinnie Paul of Pantera, Bette Midler, Chuck Norris, and Liza Minelli. He has also served as an opening act for Martha Wash, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Chuck Rainey, and the ineffable Megan Mullally.

Dwayne has made several television appearances, including a feature role in "The Legend of Jeremiah Caine" and a recurring role in the popular "Walker Texas Ranger". He has also been featured in several feature films, most notably, Disney's "Blank Check", "Sudden Impact", and "Inner Space". This is the experience and talent that Dwayne brings to every one of his shows to enhance the quality of your event. So please, sit back, relax, watch the videos and enjoy your stay.

"I am a professional entertainer. Part of what this means is that I am respectful to every member of my audience; I would not cheapen your experience by embarrassing anyone or using any material with more than a P.G. rating. I provide only family-oriented shows. I would be delighted to work with you to create the best possible show - one which will not only meet but exceed your expectations".

- Dwayne Andrew

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